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new! news from the Pacific:  the Hawai'i Undersea Research Laboratory deep diving submersible Pisces  located and explored the wreck of the I-401 submarine off Oahu during a test dive.  nearby the same team found the wreck of the S-19 (SS-124). 

this remarkable finding generated a brief flurry of traffic to our I-400 page and was noted in the blogsphere.  heady stuff. 

previous special reports and features still online:

the Pacers

the Farm

this section is still closed due to storm damage (see special report).  the farm hands have been working on it, but the contractor's estimate was higher than we had anticipated and far exceeded the repair budget, so we've been obliged to tackle much of the work ourselves.  as a result, the temporary closure of this section will be extended a while longer. 

the Cats

you can't have a farm without cats. 
the Pacer Farm cats have been preoccupied with supervising reconstruction activities -- any rebuilding entails a drastic increase in the number of unsniffed objects (and for a while a damaged section of the cottage was hosting a bird's nest, which they found both inaccessible and fascinating). 

here you will find:

    maneki neko
keep an eye on them with our porch cam, a part of the Groveland Security Network

the Railroad

it's no accident that Washington Grove, home of the Pacer Farm, is along the railroad.  the Town was founded in 1873 as a methodist summer retreat, and the location was chosen in part due to the convenient access to the City made possible by means of the recently-opened Metropolitan Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. 

nor is it an accident that the Pacer Farm is in a location along the railroad. 
the Pacer Farmer likes it that way. 

before leaving the neighbourhood, please stop by The Janus Museum -- a fine Grove institution now operating in its very own domain
you might also want to visit another Pacer Farm (no relation to this site). 

for fine dining we recommend
(just a couple of minutes away)
Momo Taro Sushi

Washington Grove Pacer Farm
Washington Grove, MD  20880-0898
  MP 20.5 on the CSX (former B&O) Metropolitan Subdivision

last update 22 May 2005 10:48 EDT or some time thenabouts 
Maryland with pride

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